Safirringen : andra boken om det magiska landet Deverry

Deverryserien, #2
Bok av Katharine Kerr
BOOK TWO IN THE MAGICAL DEVERRY CYCLEPrepare to be spellbound by this classic fantasy series: a sparkling tale of adventure and timeless love, perilous battle and pure magic.'I was hooked and my enthusiasm for this series carried me through to the very last and then moved me to tears'Fantasy Book Review'A cracking read'SFXA Royal's freedom, the gift of magic and stolen power... Exiled from his brother's court, Lord Rhodry has found a life for himself on the road with wandering mercenaries, the Silver Daggers. The going is hard, but Jill, a young master of sword and magic, is with him, and as they journey across Deverry's long roads, feelings between warrior and lord deepen. But before love can truly blossom, Jill and Rhodry are drawn into a web of enchantment and mortal danger. The Great Stone of the West, a magical jewel that guides the conscience of kings, has been stolen. When Jill stumbles across the Stone, she draws the attention of the Dark Brotherhood - evil sorcerers who will hunt her with the darkest magics and messengers of death. Darkspell is the second book in the Deverry series. Prepare to be spellbound by a sparkling fantasy classic: a tale of adventure and timeless love, perilous battle and pure magic.
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DarkspellEngelska - Pocket
ISBN: 9780553568882
DarkspellEngelska - Okänt
ISBN: 9780006482222
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DarkspellEngelska - E-bok
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Safirringen : andra boken om det magiska landet DeverrySvenska - Inbunden
ISBN: 9789100560720
Darkspell - Katharine Kerr
ISBN: 9780586200797
ISBN: 9780345344311
ISBN: 9780246132567
DarkspellEngelska - Inbunden
ISBN: 9780385231091
ISBN: 9780246132550
Darkspell (The Deverry Series, Book 2)Engelska - Pocket
ISBN: 9780007333813
Tillbaka till början, och lite framåt, nu börjar släktträdet att bli helt, Newyn försöker se till att inte gamla synder inte går igen i framtida generationer. Väldigt spännande och välskriven.