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Writing Down the Bones
Bok av Natalie Goldberg
For more than thirty years Natalie Goldberg has been challenging and cheering on writers with her books and workshops. In her groundbreaking first book, she brings together Zen meditation and writing in a new way. Writing practice, as she calls it, is no different from other forms of Zen practice"e;it is backed by two thousand years of studying the mind."e;This thirtieth-anniversary edition includes new forewords by Julia Cameron and Bill Addison. It also includes a new preface in which Goldberg reflects on the enduring quality of the teachings here. She writes, "e;What have I learned about writing over these thirty years? Ive written fourteen books, and its the practice here in Bones that is the foundation, sustaining and building my writing voice, that keeps me honest, teaches me how to endure the hard times and how to drop below discursive thinking, to taste the real meat of our minds and the life around us."e;
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ISBN: 9789069637457
Writing Down The BonesEngelska - Pocket
ISBN: 9781611803082
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ISBN: 9781590302613
Writing Down The Bones : Freeing the Writer WithinEngelska - Inbunden
ISBN: 9781590307946
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Writing down the bones - Natalie GoldbergEngelska - Pocket
ISBN: 9780877733751
Skriva med kropp och själ : befria författaren i dig!Svenska - Inbunden
ISBN: 9789129616965
Writing Down the Bones : Freeing the Writer WithinEngelska - E-bok
ISBN: 9780834821132
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