The Woman in the Room
Bok av Stephen King
A collection of tales to invade and paralyse the mind as the safe light of day is infiltrated by the shadows of the night. As you read, the clutching fingers of terror brush lightly across the nape of the neck, reach round from behind to clutch and lock themselves, white-knuckled, around the throat. This is the horror of ordinary people and everyday objects that become strangely altered; a world where nothing is ever quite what it seems, where the familiar and the friendly lure and deceive. A world where madness and blind panic become the only reality.
Novellsamling där många av novellerna blivit filmer. Komprimerad spänning utan utfyllnad och skrivna innan King blivit världskänd som skräckens mästare. Skräck och blod i noveller om en mangel, majsfält och mycket annat. Perfekt kvälls läsning.