A Sight for Sore Eyes

Bok av Ruth Rendell
A terrifyingly vivid portrayal of the murderous impulses hiding in the squalor of North London from multi-million copy and SUNDAY TIMES bestselling author Ruth Rendell. Readers of PD James, Ann Cleeves and Donna Leon will be hooked... 'Rendell weaves the interlocking desires into a frightening tapestry of warped minds . . . A tale as chilling as any Rendell has written' -- The Times 'Masterfully spooky. Don't read this alone' -- Red 'A top-notch thriller that will, I promise, have you nibbling your nails' -- Daily Mail 'Goodness me! This was good. Masterful plotting. Never a dull page. Fabulous characterisations...' -- ***** Reader review 'This book is a masterpiece of intrigue' -- ***** Reader review 'I couldn't put it down' -- ***** Reader review 'One of the most amazing books I have ever read' -- ***** Reader review **************************************************************** In traditional fairy tales the handsome prince rescues the beautiful princess from her wicked stepmother, and the couple live happily ever after. Teddy Brex emerges from a loveless, isolated childhood as a handsome but autistic young man. Francine Hill, emotionally and mentally scarred by the murder of her mother, grows into a beautiful young woman, who must endure the over-protectiveness of an increasingly obsessive stepmother. Teddy Brex does ride to her rescue, but he is a man who has already committed two murders. In Rendell's dark criminal London, can anyone be trusted? It's a world in which innocent dreams can turn into the most terrible living nightmares...
Spännande med bra beskrivningar och uppbyggnad. Man får. Lära känna karaktärerna på djupet! Oväntat slut..