Guccikrigen : hur jag överlevde mord och intriger i hjärtat av världens största modehus

Gucci wars
Bok av Jenny Gucci
For a decade, Jenny Gucci lived a life that most women can only dream of. Married to Paolo Gucci, one of the wealthiest men in the world, she stayed at the world's most exclusive locations and kept company with celebrities and royalty. But such privilge came at a price and the darker side of Paolo's personality began to take over. Desperate to break away from the influence of the family, Jenny instigated a divorce from Paolo - a move which left her homeless, penniless, hungry and facing weekly court confrontations that would last for ten years. She suffered threats and intimidation from him and feared for her safety and for that of their daughter Gemma, who he aslo refused to support. Even a spell in jail for contempt of court failed to move him. Then in a final act of defiance that shocked the world, he starved his racehourses in a sick attempt to plead poverty. Jenny has survived countless struggles and unbelievable trauma - yet has come through them all to become a stronger, more independent woman. This intriguing book gives an insider's view of what it was really like to be at the heart of a force so powerful and, at times, so unscrupulous. Her story will leave you breathless.
En bok med ganska högt tempo. Där händer saker hela tiden. Men man hinner ändå hänga med i svängarna. Man glädjs, man förvånas man avundas och man avskyr. Denna självbiografin innehåller också en del privata foton från Jennys tid som gift med Gucci. Vilken kvinna. Vilken kämpe. Så mycke skinn på näsan. Man kan inget annat än beundra hennes kämparglöd.