Syskonen Baudelaires olycksaliga liv, #4

Det sällsamma sågverket

The Miserable Mill
Bok av Daniel Handler och Lemony Snicket
As the Baudelaire orphans look out the grimy window of the train taking them to the Lucky Smells Lumbermill to live, they can't help but wonder what lies ahead. For Violet, who is an inventor, perhaps there will be machines to observe. Machines that saw wood can be very interesting, even though in the wrong hands they can be the cause of ghastly accidents. And for Klaus, who enjoys reading immensely, perhaps there will be a library. Information found in a book can be very useful. Especially if an evil doctor is lurking about. And for Sunny, who likes nothing better than to bite things with her four sharp teeth, perhaps there will be bark to chew. It is important to keep teeth sharp when someone close by may be hiding a sword. As the train pulls into the station, one thing is certain: The unlucky Baudelaire orphans had best keep their teeth, wits, and minds sharp, for whatever awaits them at the mill may well be the deadliest in a series of unfortunate events.
19 utgåvor
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Hela serien förtjänar att lovprisas så mycket det bara går men denna är en av mina favoriter. Författaren skriver på ett så underbart säreget sätt och böckerna passar barn likaväl som vuxna eftersom den underfundiga humorn kan gå en förbi som barn men underhålla enormt som vuxen. Fantastiskt sätt att använda sig av ord på och hela serien är otroligt spännande!