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Do You Want to Win More #1 Victory Royales? Do You Want to Know Various Building Strategies? Become an unstoppable shooting, building force with never before revealed strategies for shooting and manoeuvring around your opponents in a tactical way. You will soon learn that this guide will take you from a loser to a winner in no time at all! Learn the hacks, tips and secrets to master Fortnite Battle Royale! Inside this strategy guide you will discover: What you need to know to switch from PUBG to Fortnite successfully Step by step strategies for securing your first solo win Various Building Strategies you can use to gain the upper hand Best Landing Spots to ensure a powerful Early Game Gameplay habits that separate the best from the rest The only guaranteed method for improving glider speed Best Early, Mid, and Late Game Strategies Fortnite Battle Royale is an incredibly exciting game. It is action-packed, looks and sounds awesome and has a unique blend of fighting and building skills. To succeed in Battle Royale you need to understand how the game works, how to build, how to fight and how to make the right choices at every point in the game. The game is as much about strategy and tactics as it is about reaction times. Unlock the secrets of the world?s best Fortnite! Click ?add to cart? to receive your book instantly!
Detta är ett spel som mina barn älskar och snabbt blir beroende av 🙈 men sedan att de lockas att lösa böcker om spelet är ju positivt. Ganska svårt spel att lära sig och mycket engelska så det är inte bara nackdelar med dessa dataspel.