Mayhem 'n' Mistletoe

Bok av Alexis Fleming
WANTED FOR TOO MUCH CHEER: Misty Toll. Dealer of mistletoe, aka Happy Juice. Be extremely careful. Too hot to handle.When Christmas is declared illegal, Misty Toll finds herself dealing mistletoe juice to fund Santa's revolution to bring back Christmas. But Santa's addicted to his own product, Rudolph's red nose is from too much vodka, and there's a bunch of rabid revolutionary elves on the run.Then there's the delicious Scrooge, Zane Mason, the new man hired to work on the deer farm. The same farm where she's hiding Santa's reindeers and her secret stash of mistletoe.What's a girl to do but go with the holiday cheer?
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Mayhem ‘n’ Mistletoe
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