Min vän Charlotte

Charlotte's web
Bok av E.B. White

'The resources are wonderful. I like the fact that it has a mix of fiction and non-fiction activities ... and how material can link to other areas of the curriculum, not just literacy.'Miss North, teacher 'Reading for enjoyment and writing for enjoyment are two of the most powerful ways of getting children interested in books. Read & Respond provides exactly this.' Michael Morpurgo, author ""[Read and Respond] makes it easy to explore texts fully and ensure that the children want to keep on reading more."" Chris Flanagan, Primary teacher. Get the most out of best-loved children's books with our bestselling Read & Respond series - the perfect way to explore favourite stories in your classroom. This resource book brings you a wealth of inspiring activities, discussion ideas and guided reading notes based on this favourite children's book. Digital CD-ROM with printable activities and extras Stimulating content mapped to curriculum objectives Grammar, punctuation and spelling section for Key Stage 2 Shared reading section including non-fiction extracts Time-saving lesson plans, activities and assessments Huge variety of speaking, listening and creative activities Read & Respond helps you build a whole-school literacy programme based on timeless children's stories, chosen to inspire reading for pleasure. Fun-filled activities help children to fully engage with each story, encouraging a love of reading and building a range of skills. This book contains photocopiable activities, guided reading notes, speaking and listening activities, writing projects and creative ideas - all from a bestselling, tried-and-trusted series that's a firm favourite with teachers. Please note: this book includes digital content contained on a CD-ROM.


'The resources are wonderful. I like the fact that it has a mix of fiction and non-fiction activities ... and how material can link to other areas of the curriculum, not just... Mer

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Jag trodde aldrig att en spindel kunde beröra mig så mycket som denna faktiskt gjorde. Min vän Charlotte är en väldigt berörande bok om vänskap och relationer. Jag gillar verkligen att boken handlar om djurens relationer men även människornas och djurens relationer. Det är en ganska smärtsam bok egentligen med tanke på handlingen. Jag tror inte jag hade reagerat så mycket om jag läst den när jag var yngre, men nu gör den nästan ont att läsa, på ett bra sätt. Jag tycker verkligen om att White valt att skriva så vardagligt. Det berättas om att grisar slaktas och det är en väldigt ärlig bok.
Detta är verkligen en bra bok som passar till både högläsning och läsa själv-bok.